Thursday, December 12, 2013

Marketing a “Retro” Lodging Business Today

After 12 years of owning Gilcrest Cottages and Motel and learning more than what we could ever remember to market our business, we met Olivia and Jimmy. As part of a client program through a Plymouth State University marketing class, these past few months have provided us with an eye opening experience.

Marketing our business with the help of two very social media skilled university students has provided us new tools. With Olivia and Jimmy’s help we have learned how to use Instagram and hash tags, have enhanced our use of social media and have finally begun to understand the importance of analyzing what you are doing to see if it really works. Marketing a “retro” lodge as old as ours is not an easy task in today’s high tech world.  The best part of the strategies they brought to us; they are virtually free. 

Thank you Olivia and Jimmy for helping us step into a new realm of marketing.

What social media tools do you use when searching for a place to stay? Please feel free to share.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rainy Days in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

You have your reservations made and you have counted down the days to your vacation in the White Mountains. You decide to check the weather and it says rain.
Don’t despair-some of the most fun days are the rainy days. Having owned Gilcrest Cottages and Motel for 12 years we have lots of rainy day ideas. There are museums, plays and movies to go to. There are trains to ride and covered bridges to visit or hang out and swim in the rain in our pool.
No matter where you are staying, the next time the weather rains on your vacation check out our Local Area page on our website. You will find so many things to do you will forget all about the rain.
Have you had a fun rainy day in the White Mountain's? Share what made your rainy day fun in the comments.